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2017 New Energy Vehicle Production will exceed 800,000 which is new opportunity for aluminum processing industry
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This month on March 25, this has been a lot of points after the Chery new energy vehicles finally listed in Beijing. Small ants eQ1 has a leading international ultra-lightweight body technology, the body using high-strength magnesium alloy applications up to 93% or more, far more than fuel car luxury brand, aluminum body more traditional car weight loss of 40% while the body rigidity improved More than 60%, which also marks the important role of aluminum alloy in the application of lightweight vehicles.

Not only that, Chery small ants eQ1 in security is also obvious to all, such as through the vehicle space precision bending technology to create a car 3R-BOBY ring body structure, greatly enhance the occupants of the safety factor, and this is Five-star safety standards under the design, in Chery this car''''''''s own research and development process, also carried out a collision. High-strength magnesium alloy in the collision can only play a buffer energy absorption is better than high-strength steel. Although not get the specific collision data, but in the market by the collision video can also see that the car does have a high safety factor.

A key indicator of the new energy vehicles is the endurance, Chery this small ants (eQ1) with the same level in the strong mileage mileage (180km), the maximum speed of 100km / h. In the normal mode to charge 6-8 hours, fast charge mode only 0.5-1.5 hours (adjustable), to meet the different traffic conditions, different occupants driving demand, the most important thing is that the price range of the new Energy policy to guide the city to buy the city''''''''s domestic demand for the convenience of consumers, is definitely not a small temptation.

According to the statistics of the Automobile Industry Association, in 2015, China''''''''s new energy vehicle production was 150,000 to 180,000, 2016 annual output of 517,000, an increase of nearly 3 times, this development is very fast. According to the Automobile Association''''''''s forecast, this year to reach 800,000, but from my personal view, the 800,000 a little conservative, and will certainly break.

Because first of all, early this year Beijing Development and Reform Commission issued a notice, all the taxis to oil to electricity, is burning gasoline into a new energy car. Beijing taxi holdings of 120,000, Shanghai''''''''s taxi ownership of more than 100,000, the country''''''''s six major cities BYD now do advertising, the country''''''''s 22 small and medium-sized city taxi now use his new energy vehicles. Light taxi transformation will be nearly hundreds of thousands of vehicles, so this year''''''''s new energy vehicles 800,000 vehicles is to be over.

Followed by Shanghai, Beijing, for example, now a large number of users are turning to new energy vehicles, and this also has a market with, and now all of China''''''''s OEMs are producing new energy vehicles, some pure electric, some mixed plug- This way also for our consumption to provide a good basis for preparation, so the sales of new energy vehicles will certainly break, I personally think that will break through 800,000. So in accordance with the thirteen five new industry planning, we will reach 2 million by 2020.


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